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Direct Primary Care

Remember the days when doctors did house calls? Neither did we—until now. Over the last 30 years, healthcare changed. The relationship between doctor and patient became more about insurance reimbursement and less about the patient.

Direct primary care is changing that relationship for the better.

​Direct primary care is the personal relationship between you and your physician

With Direct Primary Care (DPC) Insurance doesn’t get to dictate your care.When you call the doctor’s office for an appointment, you can see your doctor that same day, not the doctor’s assistant or anyone else. Once you become a member, you have the ability to email and text your physician at your convenience…not theirs. And it doesn’t stop there. Over-the-phone appointments, video chats, and even house calls ( just like the days of old) are all ways you can receive the treatment and personalized care you desire.

Is Direct Primary Care a replacement for health insurance?

Direct Primary Care ​is not a form of insurance and ​the​se clinics do not accept insurance payments. However, ​it is strongly encouraged​ ​​that ​all members have a comprehensive, wrap-around insurance policy in the event of hospitalization, emergencies or critical illness.

What type of insurance should you get to supplement your DPC membership? Schedule an appointment with Sunflower Benefits to find out what’s best for you.

How much does DPC cost?

Each clinic charges a membership fee based on the age of the patient. In addition to all the personal care that you’ll receive, these clinics also offer:

  • Wholesale pharmaceutical pricing
  • Rock-bottom radiology prices
  • Affordable laboratory services
  • Cash-discounted prices for specialist visits
  • Reduced-cost gym memberships

How do I become a DPC member?

First, visit the doctor’s website and schedule an appointment for an introduction. Second, choose the doctor that you relate to best…not one your insurance company says you have to see. Then complete the paperwork, and you’re all set!

Direct Primary Care Clinics in Kansas City

There are several clinics here in the metro click the links to check out some of the docs that we think are rock stars and we like to recommend!




Lincoln, Nebraska

Access Family Medicine

Other DPC Areas

Outside the area or looking for another practice? Check out this DPC map.

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